In the world that we live in, peace is possible, only when women of integrity and faith, stand up for the future of our children "Leymah Gbowee".

Inspired by these words and a real live movement of many women, Yael began her wild journey that started with "Prayer of the Mothers" and lead to the creation of "Women of The World Unite A collective album featuring over 40 female vocalists, choirs, speakers and musicians of diverse global backgrounds. Together with “The Mothers”, and musical producer Adam Ben Amitai, the album also features singers such as Joss Stone, Zap Mama, Amyra León and more.

This album is a call for women everywhere to unite with each other and embrace our differences, step into our power, and be at peace with who we truly are.

It is a call for us to liberate our selves, through individual and collective healing, as we make sure that we, who carry life into this world, protect this world, and all life in it, for generations to come.

The album brings the listener through elements of Rock, Soul, Gospel, Folk, Roots, Reggae, with a middle eastern spin at certain times. All songs poetically focus on peace, women, compassion, motherly responsibility, environmental care, and positive change. Set to be released during 2020.

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